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  • Testimonial

    This course has been invaluable for my practice

    S. T. - Diabetes Research Nurse, PGDip in Obesity Care and Management

    The course has been invaluable and has helped improve my practice with patients. I have a deeper understanding and can discuss a wider choice of possible solutions with my patients.

  • Testimonial

    Great depth of courses

    C. S. - Nursing Services Manager, PGCert in Obesity Care and Management

    The College of Contemporary Health was the only institution to be able to offer me the depth of course that I was looking for as well as the ability to study at a distance.

  • Testimonial

    Informative, challenging and thought provoking

    GP - Edinburgh - UK, PGCert in Obesity Care and Management

    I really enjoyed the course. A lot of work has clearly been put in to make it informative, challenging and thought provoking. The online format works well for me as I can fit my study in around my other commitments. Even though I studied alone, I always felt a part of a class.

  • Testimonial

    I am able to relate more to my clients

    R. F. - Weight Management Practitioner, PGDip in Obesity Care and Management

    From the course so far I developed my professional practice by gaining a better understanding of the causes, consequences and behavioural aspects of obesity, so I am able to relate more to my clients and provide them with more information to support an individual who is going through a weight loss journey.

  • Testimonial

    This course has benefitted my practice

    L. T. - Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Portsmouth - UK, PGCert in Obesity Care and Management

    An example of this was a patient weighing 210 kg who was admitted having sustained a cervical fracture with a spinal cord injury. Post surgery he could not maintain his oxygen saturations. It was assumed that it was related to his cord injury. I was able to identify that it was due to undiagnosed OSA and the position of his palate due to his obesity and as a result we changed our management. His saturations returned to normal. Without my knowledge gained from the course we would not have changed our usual practice.

  • Testimonial

    Evidence-based, relevant and of high quality

    Professor Pinki Sahota - Chair of the Association for the Study of Obesity,

    The CCH courses make a significant contribution to the clinical education of practitioners. The modules are evidence-based, relevant and of high quality and should be recommended to all practitioners involved in obesity prevention and management.


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