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Analysis of Cardiometabolic Outcomes Associated with Self-Perceived Obesity in Korean Adults

A growing body of evidence is suggesting that self-perception of overweight/obese status is associated with poor cardiometabolic outcomes, above and beyond actual body weight. This study, conducted in Korea, used survey data from 21,629 people to determine...
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Weight-Related Stigma is Associated with Bodily Pain Among Females with Overweight or Obesity

Pain is a common comorbidity among individuals living with overweight or obesity, however the mechanism linking the two is not clear. This studyevaluated the relationship between perceived weight-stigma and self reported bodily pain in a sample of obese/overweight...
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A Study of Weight Stigma Experienced by Mature Patients with Obesity in Disadvantaged Areas of Australia

There is a growing recognition of the impact stigma has on the health seeking behaviors and self-efficacy of obese patients.This study,set out to identify predictors of perceived weight stigma among patients attending general practices in socioeconomically...
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