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Famine Exposure During Early Life May Lead to an Increased BMI in Adulthood

It has been previously reported in epidemiologic studies that famine exposure during early life is associated with overweight or obesity in adulthood. In this systematic review and meta-analysis of 20 studies, this paper set out to determine whether exposure...
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Efficacy, Safety, and Mechanisms Of Herbal Medicines Used In The Treatment Of Obesity: A Protocol For Systematic Review

There is a huge amount of conflicting evidence over the potential efficacy of herbal remedies for the treatment of obesity. Although several systematic reviews have been conducted, the market is saturated with poorly evidenced claims, and a huge number...
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Cardiorespiratory fitness as a Determinant Factor for the 30% of Obese Individuals That are Metabolically Healthy

Previous studies have shown that individuals can be obese and metabolically healthy, or of normal weight with an unhealthy metabolic profile. The metabolically healthy obese (MHO) phenotype currently represents 30% of obese individuals. However, major...
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The Effectiveness of a School Intervention Program. A Panacea against Obesity?

A large randomised controlled trial was conducted in the West Midlands, looking into the effectiveness of a school and family based healthy lifestyle programme, in comparison to usual practice. 1,467 year 1 pupils aged 5 to 6 years (control, 778 pupils),...
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The 3 Most Innovative Government Plans to Tackle Obesity

Today, here in the UK, is a monumental day for public health. April 6th marks the debut of the much deliberated, and heavily debated, implementation of what is now commonly known as the “Sugar Tax.” This means that from today, the UK’s tax on...
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