Blood tests can help predict surgery outcome

New research suggests that by calculating the ratio of circulating fatty acids, we may be able to predict the outcome of bariatric surgery. The study examined whether the ratios of serum stearic acid/palmitic acid (S/P) would be a reliable marker in predicting diabetes remission and assessing metabolic status. Two independent cohorts were assessed, totalling 413 participants. It was found that patients who had a higher level of S/P before surgery had a greater chance of diabetes remission.

By adding S/P ratio to HbA1c levels and fasting C-peptide the predictive potential of these tests has increased significantly. A similar measure was found in the second cohort of patients, highlighting the possible use of S/P ratio as a novel marker in preoperative assessment. The researchers are hoping that this study could help inform healthcare providers on who would benefit most from bariatric surgery.


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