Obesity: Behavioural Aspects – On Demand

Learn to overcome the biggest behavioural barriers in solving the problem of obesity.

This online course allows you to study at your own pace. All our teaching is designed to fit around your career. You will gain confidence in your understanding of the behavioural aspects of obesity. Most importantly, your understanding will be linked to new skills that you can apply in your professional practice.

You will also be part of a network of students and graduates from our courses, ready to collaborate and debate this urgent health issue. You will no longer be tackling obesity alone.

Who Is This Course For?

CCH courses have been specifically developed for Health professionals who are interested in advancing their understanding of obesity and developing more practical methods for the management and treatment of obesity. The course is most suitable for GPs, doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, and counsellors running weight-management clinics.

Course Content

This course reviews emotional and psychological issues around eating and obesity to explore the possible aetiologies that affect an individual’s eating behaviour, reviewing research that claims neuronal pathways leading to addiction are influenced by food. The impact of obesity in childhood, on both short and long term mental health and well being will be reviewed, along with parental influences.

Consideration will be given to the effects of social stigmas attached to being overweight, and their impact on the ability to lose weight and maintain that loss. The course also considers the need for compassionate communication and Motivational Interviewing in discerning the patient narrative, and some of the possible treatment options, that help to support and sustain change in eating behaviour.


In order to receive your CPD Certificate you need to complete and pass all the quizzes within this course. The Certificate will be automatically generated for you to download or print.


There are no formal requirements to study this course. Get in touch with us to enrol: info@contemporaryhealth.co.uk

The cost of this course is £399. If you choose to study all 3 On Demand courses, you’ll pay £999.


Graduates of CCH courses will enhance their knowledge and expertise in the area of obesity care and management. The course develops health professionals who are confident, highly skilled practitioners with a well-rounded understanding of the obesity problem and how to practically treat and manage it. The course gives health professionals the essential knowledge to make an impact in helping deal with the obesity epidemic.


Course Information
  • Course Id:BA-OnD
  • Credit:25 CPD hours

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