MSc in Obesity Care and Management

Become a specialist in obesity healthcare.


  • Study at the highest level we offer – transform the way you work with patients suffering with obesity.
  • Choose from 3 starting points through the year and study flexibly online.


This structured pathway has been created to enhance your knowledge and skills in the area of Obesity Care and Management. Studying wholly online, you will work towards a final work-based project.

We want to be supportive of your career at all times, which is why our MSc has been designed to suit even the most time-strapped professional. If you haven’t studied in this way before, don’t worry. To prepare you, we have an introduction course – Induction to Academic Online Learning – to help you make the most of your time studying with us.

Course Aims

You will graduate from the MSc in Obesity Care and Management with:

  • The ability to deliver individualised, effective, and evidence-based care and management plans to obese individuals.
  • The ability to carry out original, research-based enquiry in areas connected to obesity care and management.
  • A reflective, enquiring, critical and innovative approach to professional practice.
  • A commitment to excellence in obesity care and management. You will learn to always take an analytical approach, based on the best available practice.
  • Enhanced digital literacy skills for both academic and clinical practice.
  • Access to a wide range of opportunities to develop your work in specialised areas.
  • A new perspective on personal development and a life-long approach to learning.

Course Structure

Your first step on this course is the Induction to Online Academic Online Learning. This will get you set up for studying online with us. It’s a small part of the course, but it will make all the difference to your learning.

Next, you will begin work on the six modules that make up the degree. Each module is 12 weeks long and is worth 20 credits towards your final degree. The first five modules are compulsory:

Then you can choose one specialist course from this list:

Throughout the period of study, you will also be preparing your large Research Dissertation, which is worth 60 credits. Your dissertation at this level will contribute to the evidence base in Obesity Healthcare – in this way, your research will immediately help in the treatment of the obesity epidemic.

You will join us in one of three intakes per academic year, as part of a defined Study Period. Normally, we’d expect you to take just one module per study period, but you can take more if you need to be more flexible with your study.

Throughout the course, you will be an important part of an inter-professional and interdisciplinary dialogue. You will be sharing best practice as a requirement in government and professional body documents on the educational needs in this area.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

You will learn in a variety of different ways, from a rich source of teaching material. Our carefully tailored teaching methods include: audio and visual presentations involving interactive e-learning units and presentations, videos, discussion forums, academic tutorials, and group work.

Your study means you will be engaging in critical reflection on cases and course material. You will also be leading discussions in forums, critiquing articles and web based sources of information, reviewing material in quizzes to assess your knowledge and understanding of key papers, casework, group work and research-based assignments.


The assessment of the modules includes formative and summative assessments that develop and assess: participation in Discussion Forums; self reflection  and reflection on peer contributions; evaluation of the validity and reliability of information sources both for themselves and the public; research based, case led assignments; application of behaviour change strategies; writing of an academic paper for publication in a designated journal; and the effectiveness of  individualised care plans, so as to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for you if you are a health professionals interested in advancing your understanding of obesity. It will help you develop more practical methods for the management and treatment of obesity. Your fellow students will be GPs, doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, and counsellors running weight-management clinics.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for the MSc in Obesity Care and Management, you will normally need to have the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor degree in a relevant health or social care, or biomedical discipline, or evidence of equivalent health and/or social care experience which equates to Level 6 abilities eg working as a senior nurse/midwife or healthcare practitioner in a leadership or management role which requires evidence of critical analysis and evaluation.
  • You should be working in a relevant area and have a minimum of one year experience.
  • Proficiency in the English Language (equivalent of IELTS Level 7, min 6.5 in all components).

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the MSc in Obesity Care and Management are £10,665.

The module fee can be paid in instalments. Please contact the Admissions Team on +44 (0)20 3773 4895 for more details.

If you are ready, click the Apply Now button below to apply for your first module.


Graduating with this MSc means you will be amongst the vanguard of health professionals with specialist expertise in obesity care and management. Our graduates are health professionals who are confident, highly skilled practitioners with a well-rounded understanding of the obesity problem and how to practically treat and manage it. You will be uniquely placed to make an impact in helping deal with the obesity epidemic.

Application Process

The entire application process is online. Here are the steps which need to be completed before you study:

1. Application Form

Fill out the application form. If you need any help, please call +44(0)20 3773 4895.



2. Review

We review your application within 5 days. At this stage, we may ask for additional documents.



3. Fees

If your application is successful, you need to pay the tuition fee (see above).



4. Access

Get access to CCH, complete the 5 hour Introduction to Academic Online Learning course, and start your studies.




If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us.


Ready to get started?

Course Information
  • Course Id:MSc-OCM
  • Credit:180
  • Timings:Jan, Apr, Sep
Nigel Hinchliffe

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