‘’I am more confident in my work with patients’’ – says Divya, CCH Master’s Graduate

1. What inspired you to study obesity care and management?

I work as part of a team in Bristol that supports childhood cancer survivor’s long term after the end of their treatment. We as a team perform a holistic needs assessment each time they attend, and promoting healthy lifestyle routines are central to our discussions. I often support patients wanting to make healthy changes hence my decision to do further study in this area with a particular focus on obesity care as this is something I frequently help patients with.

2. Were there any obstacles to studying with CCH? What were the decisive factors that made you feel that CCH was the right choice?

The only obstacle I encountered through my studies was obtaining funding for each module. I was particularly interested to study with CCH as their programme was flexible and based on distance learning which suited me best.

3. What have you enjoyed the most while studying your MSc in Obesity Care and Management? Why exactly an MSc?

I particularly enjoyed the networking opportunities. With distance learning, you can meet other health care professionals working globally and I found it interesting to share practice. I have always enjoyed further academic work alongside my job, and after a few modules with CCH, I decided that getting the full MSc would be beneficial to my learning and practice with patients. I now have a solid foundation of evidence-based learning in obesity care so I now know that the work I am doing with patients is valid.

4. What has changed most in your practice since starting your studies?

Since my learning at CCH I have broadened my knowledge and expertise in obesity care and management and I am more confident in my work with patients. I have also kept in contact with other professionals I met on the course and we are still able to share skills and practice which is great.

5. What exceeded your expectations while studying at CCH?

During my studies, I was surprised with how I managed to stay motivated and I think the course content and activities were a big part of this. Each week there was a range of activities to get on with and these utilised many platforms such as powerpoint presentations, podcasts, journals, and videos.

6. What is the main reason you would recommend CCH and their Obesity Care and Management courses to your colleagues?

I would recommend courses with CCH for the opportunity to network with other professionals and also for the flexibility available for learning. The content is accessible around the clock so busy health care professionals can complete their learning when it’s convenient for them. The content is so varied and is based on the most up to date evidence-based material. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and would recommend the MSc for any health care professionals working within public health and health promotion.

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