Meeting our graduates

Whenever one of our students completes their course, we always like to ask of the thoughts and experience with the delivery and content of them as one of our goals is to continually ensure that our teaching methods achieve their goals.


Why did you choose to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Obesity Care at CCH?

I had been interested in improving my knowledge in obesity care whilst working in the field. The head of nursing at the hospital l worked at sent the course prospectus by e-mail and it was everything l was looking for.”

How did you find the online learning?

It was ‘better’ than l thought it would be regarding access to tutors etc. The tutors are very supportive and want you to succeed. The content of the course is laid out in a way that would suit everyone’s style of learning. The information given and what is expected of you is explicit.”

What was the highlight of the course?

Completing it!!! Seriously though, for me it was getting positive feedback as there were times when l realised that there was so much l didn’t know. It makes you want to learn more.”

Will this course improve your employment prospects?

During the course l have changed jobs from a ward manager to a Bariatric Nurse Specialist. My passion in obesity care was primarily in post- operative care for the patient. Now l am able to support the patient throughout their surgical experience for 2 years. The course has given me greater depth of knowledge to support this role.”

What advice would you give to a student considering this course?

I would stress the importance to keep ‘on top’ of their studying. If possible study each night to maintain this, as there are always things which come along to ‘knock you off track’. Don’t lose hope if you feel you are out of your depth. Ask for help as your tutor is there to support you.”

DO IT – I hadn’t studied for years and l felt 9 months of my life was ‘taken over’ but l am so pleased and proud. I feel l can support the patient to achieve their goals. The obesity epidemic is not going away. But the more ‘foot soldiers’ on the ground to support the patients will enable the tables to turn for the better.”



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