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Mindfulness very effective for teenagers

Some of the simplest, safest and most effective interventions for combating adolescent obesity may be just making them aware of what they are eating. A recent study conducted in Georgia, USA showed that mindfulness eating awareness training programs encourage adolescents to make healthier food choices and increase their physical activity. 40 high school students were enrolled in a 12 week mindfulness program, alongside a control group, sessions ranged from meditation techniques to meal timings.

Adolescents in the intervention arm eventually ate better and exercised more. They also experienced a slight downward trend in their weight, whilst those in the control arm did not experience such positive outcomes. However, many in the intervention arm continued to binge eat, therefore more research into the use of mindfulness and its possible adjustments must be conducted. The overall concept though is a relatively simple and easy intervention, and could prove to be highly successful in defending the health of young people.


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