New detoxifying diet results in significant weight loss

Researchers from Skidmore College have developed a new ‘protein-paced’ diet (P-CR) that is based on consuming a low number of calories and intermittent fasting. They found that P-CR not only helps weight loss, but also enhances heart health, releases toxins from the body and reduces oxidative stress. P-CR itself involves consuming four to six meals a day, each with 20-25 grams of protein. The lead author, Paul Arciero, has also found that P-CR demonstrated sustained improvements in body weight, heart health and toxins when compared to traditional ‘heart-healthy’ diets.

Previous research has shown that weight loss can in fact release toxins into the blood, which is a natural reaction; P-CR is able to counter this by subsequently releasing those toxins from the body. Importantly, Arciero wanted to highlight that scientific evidence is now available that confirms that the quality of your diet matters, and through P-CR you can address a range of metabolic issues through diet alone.


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