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Obesity affecting male fertility

Obesity affecting male fertility

Infertility in obese men is a global health issue and needs to be addressed by policymakers and the media. This is the suggestion from a recent study based in Porto, Portugal that examined, in particular, the effect of obesity on the fertility of males. Obesity is a metabolic disease that can cause dysfunction in the body’s endocrine system and hormonal functioning. Fertility is extremely closely linked with hormones and even the smallest of changes can result in large effects. The researchers wanted to highlight the fact that as obesity is now such a widespread problem, there will be other issues that occur at the same time, one of which is male infertility.

The study itself discussed the most recent and relevant evidence relating to male infertility and obesity, some of which examined how lifestyle factors and dietary habits can influence the progression of obesity and male infertility. Overall, the team hopes that their paper will lead to increased media coverage about the issue, whilst also proving to policymakers how important it is in today’s society.


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