childhood obesity

Report warns that being obese or overweight could cause 7.6 million cases of disease by 2030

According to a report by the Obesity Health Alliance in the UK, over the next 20 years there may be more than 7.6 million new cases of disease linked to overweight or obesity.

To tackle the obesity epidemic, the Obesity Health Alliance (which includes Cancer Research UK, the British Medical Association, six Royal Colleges and the Royal Society of Public Health) is calling on the Government to introduce a strong childhood obesity strategy without delay. The suggested strategy must include restricting junk food advertising on TV before the 9pm watershed, tightening online marketing to align with broadcast regulations, as well as setting targets for industry to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in food.

Cancer Research UK’s director of prevention, Alison Cox, said “these numbers are shocking. And it’s difficult to think of the impact this will have on public health and an already strained NHS. Without bold action, the next generation will face more disease and live shorter lives”.


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