Hearing how CCH courses have impacted our students in their careers and lives is always great. It is even better when they let us know how much they enjoyed studying with us online and how studying at CCH has changed the way they work!

We’ll let them speak for themselves in their own words below:

  • CCH courses changed our clinical practice

    All of my staff who have completed the Postgraduate modules and the short courses have found them excellent and it has changed our clinical practice.

    B.A. - Lead Diabetes Research Nurse
    PGCert, PGDip and Short Courses
  • Sensational

    Probably the best course I have ever done. Went into lots of detail. It covered things from an obese persons stand point whereas most courses out there are more generic. Sensational. Thank you.

    T. K. - Fitness professional
    Weight & Fitness Essentials - Professional Short Course
  • Evidence-based, relevant and of high quality

    The CCH courses make a significant contribution to the clinical education of practitioners. The modules are evidence-based, relevant and of high quality and should be recommended to all practitioners involved in obesity prevention and management.

    Professor Pinki Sahota
    Chair of the Association for the Study of Obesity
  • I am able to relate more to my clients

    From the course so far I developed my professional practice by gaining a better understanding of the causes, consequences and behavioural aspects of obesity, so I am able to relate more to my clients and provide them with more information to support an individual who is going through a weight loss journey.

    R. F. - Weight Management Practitioner
    PGDip in Obesity Care and Management