The Launch of British Journal of Obesity

Launching at the end of April 2015, the British Journal of Obesity is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication for all healthcare professionals with an interest in the management of obesity. The British Journal of Obesity provides up-to-date discussion and content to assist healthcare professionals in providing a unified, multidisciplinary approach to this modern-day epidemic.

The journal aims to establish itself as the publication of choice for healthcare professionals managing this global health phenomenon. Val Bullen, Director of Education at CCH, and Victoria Feenie, Communications Executive at CCH, (both with Masters degrees in a health care area) are publishing a peer-reviewed article in the journal, titled “The human cost of failing to address obesity”. The article has an associated CPD element, giving readers the opportunity to gain CPD through CCH.

The journal is available free for healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland. To get your free copy and to find out more, go to this link.


Be the first to learn about the latest research highlights, government action and the media coverage in the area of weight management and obesity.

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