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  • Did you know that by studying online you can dip in and out as you please; viewing lectures during your lunch break; while cooking; during your commute or before you go to sleep?
  • Our modules run 3 times a year, and you do not have to commit to more than 12 weeks at any one time
  • You can decide how many modules you complete and which qualification you achieve as you go along

open-typo-quotes50pxI wanted to attain a qualification that would help me secure employment in the field of obesity management. The College of Contemporary Health was the only institution able to offer me the depth of course that I was looking for as well as the ability to study at a distance.close-typo-quotes50px

Nursing Services Manager




  • With online study at CCH most of your resources are on our CCH-X learning platform significantly reducing the cost of any necessary textbooks
  • By studying anywhere you please you do not have to spend any money on commuting, accommodation, or even little things, such as your coffee

open-typo-quotes50pxThe resources are great. Interesting podcasts/videos and it’s nice to have the links available for the required reading.



Registered General Nurse


  • Did you know that part of your weekly activities involve you posting and discussing aspects of the course on a group discussion forum?
  • You are also able to communicate with your classmates through email and messaging as well as join them online for academic tutorials

open-typo-quotes50pxThe course has been extremely interesting. A lot of work has clearly been put in to making it informative, challenging and thought provoking. The online format works well for me as I can fit my studies in around my other commitments. The use of the discussion forums has allowed me to have interactions with other students and get their opinions and feedback. It is valuable that all the students come from different sectors, so that we get a more holistic view of obesity care. It also means that even though you are studying alone, you feel as though you are part of a class.



General Practitioner




  • While studying with CCH, you will have the support of a dedicated tutor throughout your studies
  • Your tutor is there to answer any questions, offer you online tutorials and will also monitor your progress throughout the course motivating you throughout each module


open-typo-quotes50pxMy course tutor is incredibly hardworking, he makes himself accessible on days and during hours I believe that most would not, and this is greatly appreciated as it allows me to work around my personal schedule.


Registered General Nurse


  • Not to worry, CCH has developed an introductory module: Introduction to Academic Online Learning to prepare you for online study
  • The team at CCH are also always available to support you and answer any questions you may have

open-typo-quotes50pxVery well presented. I liked the fact that it was delivered -weekly as it kept my momentum up and I did not feel overwhelmed. It has been extremely informative, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning.



Health Visitor





  • By enrolling with CCH, you automatically become a London South Bank University (LSBU) student
  • LSBU will be the awarding body for all your transcripts and qualification certificates

open-typo-quotes50pxWe are absolutely thrilled to be working in partnership with the College of Contemporary Health on such an innovative and progressive project.


LSBU collaborations officer


London South Bank University


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