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Larger bottles may start infant weight issues

Feeding babies form a larger bottle may put them at higher risk for greater-than-normal weight gain and weight-for-length size, according to a study published in Pediatrics. In the study, 298 babies were assessed and it was found that bottle size in early...
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Obesity and gestational diabetes in mothers linked to early onset of puberty in daughters

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, daughters of overweight mothers, who develop gestational diabetes, are significantly more likely to experience earlier onset of one or more signs of puberty. The study was based on...
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Obesity rates in US women and teens climbing

According to two new studies from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in JAMA the obesity rates for US women and teens is unfortunately on the rise. Survey data that was collected in 2014 and reported in one of the studies found...
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Wearable fitness monitors don’t influence physical activity

In a study carried out at Oklahoma State University, which has been accepted for publication in the PHEnex Journal, it was found that wearable fitness monitors do not necessarily motivate exercise. The study consisted of only a small cohort (36 participants)...
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