This is a list of the most popular questions we encounter. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.


Who normally takes CCH courses? Should I apply?
The courses have been designed for healthcare professionals, managers and teams and in some cases fitness professionals. You should take one of our courses if you want to advance your career, improve your work in specialist areas of modern health or make your healthcare team more effective.
You will succeed in the course if you are motivated to succeed and manage your time well. You will also need some basic computer skills.
Is there any interaction with other students?
Studying online gives you the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. You will be interacting with your tutor and peers in academic tutorials, through Discussion Forums, where you will be discussing your own cases and issues raised in the module, and even have the ability to chat live through our online learning platform.
How is online studying different?
The main difference is where and how you study, as you can go through the course whenever and wherever you want. You will have a variety of resources at your disposal, many of which will be used to start online discussions between your fellow students and tutors. However, there are submission deadlines to be met for assignments if you are doing the module for academic credits.

You will be provided with an academic syllabus defining course objectives and assignment deadlines. Course materials will be made available on a weekly basis and can be accessed 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Do I have access to a library?
The PGCert/PGDip/MSc in Obesity Care and Management courses have access to our extensive Resource Central, a scientific literature database that is continuously being updated and contains over 1,000 relevant articles pertinent to obesity.
How often do I need to log on? Are there designated times to participate online?
You can log on and participate in the course whenever it is suitable for you. How much time you spend on the course is entirely up to you. However, it will reflect how well you do on the course. On average we expect students to spend between 10 and 15 hours per week especially in the first 6 weeks of the module. A lot of this time will be viewing and reading study materials.

You will also have to take part in a number of tutorials, but that can be arranged with your tutor at a mutually convenient time.

What is the length of an average class?
There is no average length, all our lectures are different and we use a variety of teaching formats to ensure there is something suitable for everyone. There are no set times for classes; however students are expected to complete a set amount of lectures per week, particularly during the first 6 weeks when the material is delivered. However, the course material is available for all 12 weeks of the module, so you have plenty of time to catch up if need be.
Will I need any special training in order to enrol?
You will need to complete a short module entitled: Introduction to Academic Online Learning prior to beginning the course. This module should take 2-4 hours to complete and will allow you to become familiar with the online learning platform and requirements for academic study.
How do I interact with my tutor?
Tutors will answer questions via email and participate in online discussions. You will also have personal tutorials set up with your tutor throughout the course. Furthermore, tutors hold “office hours” each week where they will be available to answer your questions by email, phone or Skype.
Can I start at any time?
No, our Postgraduate courses have set study periods of 12 weeks running 3 times per year. If you wish to do an online course that you can start at any time, please have a look at our CPD accredited short and on-demand courses.
Can I attend this course from overseas?
Of course, this is a fully online course and you can access it from wherever you are. You will have to attend a number of tutorials, but these can be arranged with your tutor in order to accommodate time differences.
Do I need to be a computer whiz?
No, at CCH we aim to keep it simple. All you need to join our courses is:

  • A working email address
  • An up-to-date browser (with pop-ups enabled)
  • Internet access

For your best experience, we recommend: Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. However, our courses are available on all browsers. We do expect our students to be able to use the web for research, and be able to use word processing programmes. You will be given advice on this in our Study Compendium. All of our sites are mobile friendly so feel free to view the course on a tablet or smartphone. For any specific questions on technical support, please email cchx@contemporaryhealth.co.uk.

What skills or prior knowledge do I need?
Our courses are open to all healthcare professionals. In order to enrol on the Postgraduate Certificate in Obesity Care and Management (Level 7), we expect students to have a degree in a health science, or equivalent professional qualifications, with at least one years’ work experience.

For students that hold a HE Diploma or equivalent professional qualifications, and at least two years’ work experience there is the option of enrolling at Level 6 for their first module Obesity: Causes and Consequences. Students who successfully complete this module will be invited to continue their studies at Level 7.

Prospective students for both courses must be able to demonstrate competence in both written and spoken English.

What if I do not have the formal entry qualifications?
As specified above, we welcome applications with equivalent qualifications or professional experience. If you feel that you would like to enrol on the course but are not sure about your qualifications, please contact our course administrator, Nicholas Feenie at nicholas.feenie@contemporaryhealth.co.uk
How will I be assessed?
There are no formal exams in this course. You will be assessed by a variety of different tasks and written assignments all of which are case based. You also have the chance to develop your experience and knowledge of working at this level through various formative assessments that are submitted for feedback from the tutor, but do not count towards the final grade. The dates of assignment submissions are fixed. Your assignments will be marked by your tutor and reviewed by the Course Leader or Director of Education. A small number of assignments will then be reviewed by an external examiner. Your assignments will need to be submitted electronically through our online learning platform.
How many credits will I receive?
Each module is worth 20 credits.
What qualification will I receive?
Depending on the number of modules you complete you will either receive a Postgraduate Certificate, a Postgraduate Diploma or a Masters in Obesity Care and Management.
Can I transfer my credits on to a Masters degree?
You can indeed. Furthermore, if you wish to continue your studies with CCH following completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in Obesity Care and Management you can enrol and take a further 3 modules completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity Care and Management (60 credits). Once you have completed the Postgraduate Diploma, you require a further 60 credits to gain a Masters degree (180 credits).
Do you have facilities for students with disabilities?
CCH aims to respond positively to disability so that all student can take advantage of our courses. However, depending on the disability some of the features of our learning platform might not be accessible. Please contact the office before you enrol so we can try and accommodate your needs.
How do I register?
Simply visit our website and apply www.contemporaryhealth.co.uk/apply
When do I need to enrol?
There is no strict deadline for applications. We take enrolments until each Study Period is fully subscribed. Therefore, we recommend that you apply as early as possible. Your place on the course will only be guaranteed once the tuition fee deposit has been paid.
Once enrolled how do I gain access to my course?
You will be sent an email with a link to the online learning platform with your username and password.
How much does the course cost?
Fees for our courses can be found on the individual course pages. We have a number of payment plans and financing options available to assist prospective students.

For more information please email: accounts@contemporaryhealth.co.uk.

Do you offer financial assistance for your courses?
Unfortunately, no. However, there are a number of funding bodies available that support the professional development of Healthcare Professionals who may be able to provide bursaries. Many of our students obtain either full or partial funding from their employers.

CCH has developed a document called the Manager’s Pack aimed at employers containing information about how both you, your employer and your patients will benefit, as a result of you enrolling on one of our courses. Please email us at info@contemporaryhealth.co.uk and we will send you a copy of the Manager’s Pack.

Who should I contact if I have any more questions?
Please contact our office where we would be delighted to answer your questions. We are available Monday to Friday 9:00-5:30 UK time.

Call us on: +44 (0)20 3773 4895

Email us at: info@contemporaryhealth.co.uk