Established in 2013, The College of Contemporary Health (CCH) provides accessible e-Learning for health professionals, focused on weight management and obesity care. We are a fully online college that combines flexible online learning with world-class academic expertise.


It is our mission to make all healthcare professionals proficient in weight management and obesity care, and through the expertise gained, mitigate the impact of costly co-morbidities directly linked to excess weight and obesity.

At CCH, we are focused on evidence-based learning. Science, and a problem-centred learning approach, are key components of all of our courses. This allows our learners to develop practical skills that can be applied in real-world scenarios.To be successful in our mission, we draw on the available expertise and passion of stakeholders experienced in modern day health issues such as obesity, weight management, mental illness, and other similar health concerns.


The CCH curriculum is overseen by our outstanding Academic Advisory Board (AAB), comprised of the most influential voices in the obesity care and weight management field; all of whom are at the cutting edge of both research and clinical practice and this knowledge is reflected in CCH courses.

At CCH we are experienced in working with individuals, as well as public and private sector organisations to provide online courses in weight management and obesity care to meet the needs of their patients and organisations.

If you have any questions about CCH, please don’t hesitate to contact us