Our mission is to make the healthcare profession in the UK the most obesity literate in the world.

The College of Contemporary Health (CCH) is dedicated to training the large number of health care professionals needed to attend to health problems related to 21st Century lifestyles. These include obesity, weight management, mental illness, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and other similar health concerns.


Our mission is to make the healthcare profession in the UK the most obesity literate in the world. To do this we draw on the available expertise, goodwill, and passion of stakeholders of the obesity epidemic and other contemporary health issues to significantly reduce the presence and effects of such threats to national wellbeing.

Developing accessible online contemporary healthcare educational programmes enables us to make a difference as individuals and in a collective effort promote the development of innovative healthcare solutions. Equally, such programmes will raise national awareness of the scope and scale of specific contemporary health concerns as it garners a shared sense of responsibility among the stakeholders who are committed to being part of the solution.


The governance of CCH rests with its board of directors who are suitably experienced to guide the institution. Similarly, oversight and direction for academic offerings, policies and approaches is provided by experts in obesity care and weight management and education through the members of the Academic Advisory Board (AAB).

CCH has worked to fulfill a vision for combating contemporary health problems. Contemporary health problems are debilitating to individuals and also have a significant social, cultural, economic and financial impact on those individuals, their families and communities. Modern maladies such as obesity, weight management, diabetes, mental health, chronic fatigue, and other health concerns, have tipped the balance of wellbeing in society in the wrong direction.

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