Congratulations to CCH’s first MSc graduate!

November 5th, 2018 marked a very special day in the calendar for CCH, and the future of the UK’s healthcare workforce. This date saw the graduation of our first full MSc in Obesity Care and Management student, Divya Bassi. Divya, who works for MacMillan Cancer Support, a charity,  was awarded the qualification at a degree conferring ceremony at London South Bank University, which is the institution conferring the award.

Divya is shown here after the ceremony with Nigel Hinchliffe, Deputy Director of Education, at CCH and course leader in the masters programme.

The College of Contemporary Health was established in late 2013 to provide online instruction in academic and professional development courses in obesity care and management for busy health care professionals. Since that time more than 1000 students have studied various obesity-courses at CCH. It has the most complete suite of online courses in obesity care and weight management of any institution either in the UK, or abroad.


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