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Couples with obesity take longer to conceive

Couples with obesity could take from 55 to 59% longer to conceive than their normal weight counterparts. This is the outcome of a study performed at the National Institute of Health. Many studies up until now have focused on the weight status of the potential mother, but this study looked at the impact of the father’s body composition as well. The study itself included 501 couples from across the USA and the follow-up period ran for four years.

The BMI status was measured for each couple and the probability of conception was also measured using a statistical measurement called fecunadbility odds ratio. Factors such as age, smoking status, physical activity, and cholesterol levels were accounted for and it was found that obese couples take far longer to conceive on average. The authors explain that fertility experts may want to take into account the weight status and body composition of both the male and the female when counselling about pregnancy.


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