John Feenie & Syed Ali, Middle East Visit

Making their way across the globe to update their understanding of the ever growing issue of obesity in the region, CCH team members travelled to the Middle East, where they visited several hospitals facing this epidemic. With the fastest growing rate of obesity in the world, leading healthcare professionals in the Middle East are working to minimise obesity by attempting a multidisciplinary approach. The CCH team were shown around some of the most prominent hospitals of the Arab nations, such as the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Saudi Arabia, the Rashid Hospital in Dubai and the Al-Gharbia Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Dealing with a tsunami of obese patients on a regular basis, healthcare specialists in the region understand that the Middle East must act quickly to tackle the problem. CCH’s Royal College of Nursing accredited Living and Working with Obesity short course gives nurses a greater understanding of tackling obesity in a multidisciplinary team.


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