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Mother’s high-fat, high-sugar diet may affect future generations


 Obesity can predispose offspring in subsequent generations to metabolic problems, a recent study published by the Washington University School of Medicine has found. Kelle H Moley, professor at Washington University, said that “our data was the first to show that pregnant mouse mothers with metabolic syndrome can transmit dysfunctional mitochondria through the female bloodline to three generations”.

The team conducted the research in mice who were fed foods consisting of 60% fat and 20% sugar. The mouse offspring were later fed a controlled diet of standard rodent chow which is high in protein and low in fat and sugar. Even though the pups (grand-pups and great-grand pups) were fed a healthy diet they developed insulin resistance and metabolic problems. “Over the decades, our diets have worsened, in large part due to processed foods and fast foods. We’re seeing the effects in the current obesity crisis,” Kelle H Moley said.


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